Human Resources Policy: Tuition Assistance Program

The Tuition Assistance Program at Eden II Programs recognizes that self-development through education is a vital ingredient for employees’ professional growth and therefore benefits both the employees and Eden II Programs. The Tuition Assistance Program was established to encourage employees to further their education, by providing financial assistance for acceptable courses through reimbursement.

Employee Eligibility:
Tuition assistance is available to all employees who meet the following basic requirements. The employee must:

  1. Be a full-time employee working at least .8 FTE hours per week.
  2. Must receive prior written approval by their director and signed off by human resources.
  3. Have completed at least 6 months of continuous service prior to the starting date of the coursework.
  4. Be employed by Eden II Programs on the date the approved course ends

Course Criteria:
Tuition assistance is provided for courses taken at accredited colleges and universities officially recognized by the US Department of Education; approved technical, business, or trade institutes; and correspondence schools certified by the Distance Education and Training Council. In addition, the following regulations apply:

  1. Degree programs of study (associate’s, bachelor’s master’s or doctoral) must either relate to employee’s present position, or prepare the employee for advancement within the company.
  2. The program permits assistance (up to the maximum allowance) for all courses completed with a grade of “C” or better.  A grade of C- is considered below a “C”. Therefore, employees will not be reimbursed for courses completed with a “C-.” A “Pass” grade in a Pass/Fail program is accepted.) Official documentation of the grade must be submitted before reimbursement occurs.)
  3. Tuition Reimbursement will be granted for 3 years ( 6 semesters) and may be continued with approval from the Executive Director.

Allowable Benefits:
Employees who meet the criteria outlined in section “A” are eligible for tuition assistance as follows:

  1. An employee may receive tuition reimbursement up to a maximum of $800.00 per semester and not to exceed $1,600 per fiscal year. Financial Assistance under the tuition assistance program is restricted to tuition, books, laboratory fees, and registration fees.
  2. U.S. Military Service veterans are eligible to apply for tuition assistance supplementary to their veteran’s benefits.
  3. Employees receiving a grant, scholarship, TAP or PEL are eligible to apply for tuition assistance, but the combination of all funds received per year should not exceed the actual tuition cost.

Note:  Eden II may from time to time offer, additional special enhanced tuition assistance programs for employees in certain positions teachers enrolled in Trans B programs).  Employees should consult with department director or HR to see if any such programs are available for their position.

      Tuition Assistance Program      
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