Dental Benefits - Direct Reimbursement

Eden II offers a dental benefits plan to all employees working 80% of full-time employment or greater. The plan covers $1500 of dental services per covered individual per plan year (July 1st to June 30th). This plan is a direct reimbursement plan which requires that you pay for your dental work and then submit your receipts along with a claim form to receive money back for services rendered. The reimbursement schedule is as follows:

First $100 of service: 100% reimbursement
$200-$300 of service: Receive 80% reimbursement
$400-$1500 of service: 50% reimbursement

The provider network is Aetna Dental PPO. Employees have the option of seeing dentists outside of the network if they choose, however, there are benefits to utilizing an in-network provider:

If your provider is in the Aetna Dental Network there will be a reduced charge for his/her services over the current rates. 

This will provide a savings to both you and Eden II’s Dental Plan. Your benefit dollars will go further, with reduced charges from these providers.

You can search for an Aetna provider at: (click through)

Claim forms and receipts should be faxed directly to SIEBA, Ltd. at 607-786-3437.

      Dental Insurance Plan
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